oLabs is Octo’s Innovation Hub, a home for:





oLabs embodies the dynamic, fast paced culture of Octo, with a focus on domain experts collaborating on novel projects to produce one-of-a-kind solutions. It is energy and innovation, an accelerated environment for creating positive results through the possibility of technology. Our teams tackle the seemingly insurmountable, complex challenges faced by today’s Federal Government organizations and agencies. Here are some of our prototype projects:

AWS Cloudmapper

Web-based tool to  interactively visualize accounts, resources, and assets.

Automating Data Refreshers in AGOL

Automated refreshers within a collaborative, cloud-based environment.

SeaPort ProViz

Visualized workload balance and workflow tracking.

Facility Access Capacity Tool & Scheduler

Secure single-sign-on and secure application programming interface services.


Improved efficiency and consistency with labeling and annotating data.


In-chat remote executor.

CV Pod

Enhanced AI/ML object detection.

Kraken Automation

Front end portal with single sign on for easy class registration.


Streamlined communication where employees can view the build status of projects and corporate updates.

Shots Fired Azimuth Detector

Situational awareness and recreated 3D environments using acoustic AI.

SeaPort 911

App brings artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance helpdesk experience.

Project Opus

Tool automates data extraction from electronic health records.