oLabs is Octo’s Innovation Hub, a home for:





oLabs embodies the dynamic, fast paced culture of Octo, with a focus on domain experts collaborating on novel projects to produce one-of-a-kind solutions. It is energy and innovation, an accelerated environment for creating positive results through the possibility of technology. Our teams tackle the seemingly insurmountable, complex challenges faced by today’s Federal Government organizations and agencies. Here are some of our prototype projects:

ETL Validator

Data migration check tool automates complex data validation processes.

Octo Scan

App speed reads documents in minutes.

Hazard Detection

Automatically detect and classify workplace hazards through computer vision.

Blockchain Cybersecurity – Log Files

Novel deployment of blockchain expedites audit log review process.

Data Maturity Wizard

Tool assesses data maturity through web application.


Tool empowers users and takes collaboration to the next level.

IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System)

Program assists with training and real world combat mission execution.

OCR - Hunters

Plug and play tool uses optical character recognition to convert field notes to digital forms.

Project Opus

Tool automates data extraction from electronic health records.

SeaPort 911

App brings artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance helpdesk experience.