Project Overview

SeaPort 911

App brings artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance helpdesk experience.

Helpdesk modules within government systems often serve thousands of government users and tens of thousands of vendor users. The modules typically lack AI to customize and personalize ticket responses and improve response times. That’s why Octo developed an AI bot that can be used to solve the most common user issues that are reported to the helpdesk, enhancing the customer’s experience by reducing response times.

Targeted Industry


Fed Civ



Potential Use Case

Any agency or industry with an active helpdesk can benefit from implementing this AI bot.

a Demo

Instead of Show and Tell, we’ll Listen and Show. We’ll listen to what challenges your agency is facing. Then we’ll show you our cutting-edge prototypes and collaborate to decide which provides the best solution and the greatest value.


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Potential Use Case

Clients who must comply with OSHA and inspectors who perform site visits to identify safety hazards can use this application to support their in-person efforts, reducing the risk of human error and improving workplace safety.