Project Overview


App speed reads documents in minutes.

Our clients don’t have time to read through text-laden documents while working on time sensitive missions. That’s why our team developed an application that quickly processes and summarizes document content by leveraging machine learning technology. OctoScan assists customers in skimming/speed reading documents, providing them with the highlights when they need information fast. The process is user friendly. Simply upload the document to a web based interface, and OctoScan does the rest using natural language processing to identify key phrases and ideas in minutes. The app then delivers a summary of important information to users within minutes.

Targeted Industry



Potential Use Case

Any client that receives or sends documents in common office formats (PDF, MS Word, or text files) can use this app. In addition, you can use the app as a quality check on outgoing documents to understand how third parties might interpret your communications.

a Demo

Instead of Show and Tell, we’ll Listen and Show. We’ll listen to what challenges your agency is facing. Then we’ll show you our cutting-edge prototypes and collaborate to decide which provides the best solution and the greatest value.


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