Project Overview


Tool empowers users and takes collaboration to the next level.

While collaboration features are typically built into shared workspaces, the abilities of these components are often limited. The DOCTO tool empowers users to collaborate in real time inside a Distributed Data Framework (DDF), an open source data search and retrieval application. Users can build complex queries and interact with results. In addition, they can chat with other users logged into the application, share links and products, and retrieve help from the system’s help bot.

Targeted Industry


Fed Civ




Potential Use Case

Any agency that regularly performs data discovery and retrieval can benefit from DOCTO to allow users to collaborate and share links and products to address agency needs and requirements.

a Demo

Instead of Show and Tell, we’ll Listen and Show. We’ll listen to what challenges your agency is facing. Then we’ll show you our cutting-edge prototypes and collaborate to decide which provides the best solution and the greatest value.


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